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Watermelon season
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Eat With Passion is not only a way to understand the taste of watermelon but also a way of understanding life. Our products provide the highest quality of each fruit with more than 12,000 hectares of production. UNEXPORT represents this quality as well as the guarantee of its products. Thus, we have been working since our origin and we continue doing it day after day to follow our path. Our range of watermelons is exported to France, Denmark, Finland and north of Spain to demonstrate new ways to enjoy fruit.

During this season, our consumers will live a unique experience with original and creative recipes by taking advantage of the benefits of watermelon for health and living the incredible experience that our collection represents. That is why we include the coolest ideas for your salads, desserts, slushies and much more.

You will also discover the reasons why our watermelons are always one step ahead and their impact on digital media as this low- calorie fruit is extended to new areas. Also find out why vitamins A and C as well as antioxidants like lycopene can change your life. It’s not just a healthy and tasty adventure but also a story about eating with passion everyday during this season.

Consumers are becoming more aware of what they eat. Because of this, living a digital adventure is the key to understand some benefits of watermelon such as the prevention of health problems, the dehydration, benefits for skin and hair and the revitalization of the muscles, among others.

Eat With Passion inspires the quality of our watermelons but above all, it means tasting and enjoying a unique experience with those around you who want the best for you.’

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